2d Platformer – Design Development

I was working on another digital drawing that I thought could use a textured overlay. I liked the pattern of this knitted cardigan close up so I took a photograph of it. Once I had edited it and imported it into the project it didn’t seem to work the way I hoping.

It then occurred to me that the structure could be appropriated into a platform design. As I’m supposed to be constructing a 2D platform game I thought I would try using this image as my base.

I cut out a rough path, added some shadows and highlights, created a gradient back drop, and then worked the original image back into the background.

I needed some kind of end point platform so I took a photo of a quartz stone that I edited and flipped to my liking before importing it into the project.

After importing the stone I made further tonal embellishments to the platforms, curves adjustments to the background, and added a kind of glow behind the stone.


I’m happy with how this looks but am not sure how practical it will be in the game construction phase at this stage.


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