Character Design and Animation

We were assigned the task of creating an original 2D platform game. The first step of which would be to design a unique character and animate their turn, walk and jump. Below is a run down of my creative process that lead to the final design that I used in my game.

Inspiration / Design Research

Crystal Morey is a fine artist who works in the field of ceramic sculpture. Her work is fascinating to me both visually and conceptually. Her representational pieces depict humans clothed in the bodies of endangered animal species. She creates these pieces to provoke discussion on humanity’s impact on the environment and ecosystems. You can find out more about her work at her website.

Aside from the topic of conceptual art I found the way Morey deals with anthropomorphism to be quite sophisticated and wanted to take a stylistic leaf out of her book by borrowing elements of her aesthetic in my character design.

Research Sketches

For what ever reason I feel a kind of affinity with the Ring Tail Lemur and believed that their stark patterning could make for the base of an eye-catching design. In order to establish a convincing mental impression of what one should look like I sketched some quick depictions based on google search images.

Character Design

Based on what my hand and eyes had taught me in these research sketches, and with Morey’s sculptures in mind, I composed the character below using a grey scale palette.


The next step of course was to animate the character’s movement sequences.

Turn Around


Walk Cycle



Jump Sequence



Facial Expressions

I also had the time to develop a series of slightly indiscernible facial expressions.


What of This Outcome?

This was essentially my first go at animating a character and while I learned a lot I did bypass many essential animation principles. Hopefully through my learning I will develop a better artistic foundation in this field, and when I do, will be able to share my progress on this site.


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